General characteristics of materials under brand "Arflon"

Materials under tradename ARFLON are fluoropolymer materials obtained by preliminary compacting pure PTFE powder with various organic and inorganic fillers with subsequent thermal or high-temperature physico-chemical treatment.

Due to application of novel modification techniques, the ARFLON materials possess high homogeneity of structure and are free of porosity, the features intrinsic to common PTFE, both unfilled and filled. We also produce filled ARFLON materials featuring strong adhesion between filler and matrix.

ARFLON materials can be used for mechanical sealing, self-lubricating, dielectric and structural parts operating in a moderate load, up to 300 °C) in neutral and chemically and biologically aggressive environment, under exposure of UV and ionizing radiation. Radiation stability of ARFLON is in wide temperature range from −196 to +260 °C (under materials is enhanced by 100–250 times with respect to PTFE.

Special grades ARFLON designed for use in tribo couplings (sleeve bearings, cuffs, oil seals, support and sealing piston rings, etc.) have a PV factor at temperatures t ≤ 200 ° C and sliding speeds from 1 to 3 m/s without lubrication from 10 to 30 MPa×m/s, respectively, which is an order of magnitude higher than typical values for analog materials. To realize the maximum values of the PV factor, it is necessary to ensure efficient removal of heat fluxes from the tribocontact zone.

Characteristics of ARFLON materials provide high reliability and long life for sliding parts and overtop counterparts used in world’s practice.

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